site_callicratebeefPasture to plate protocol

  • Good management and humane treatment of our animals reduces stress and prevets disease, making it possible to eliminate sub-therapeutic antibiotics in the feeding program.
  • Herds are managed in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • No growth promoting steroids or hormones are used in our feeding program, resulting in more tender and flavorful beef.
  • Our cattle are younger than commodity cattle, resulting in more tender beef with less connective tissue, eliminating the mechanical and chemical tenderization necessary with comodity beef.
  • Animals are slaughtered in a slow and safe manner.
  • Linking our ranches more directly with our customers minimizes the distance from pasture to plate.
  • All of our meat is source verified and labeled as “Born and Raised in the USA.”
  • We age our beef for two to three weeks to achieve optimal tenderness and flavor.

Learn more about Callicrate Wagyu Beef

For more about how Callicrate Beef is raised, harvested and distributed please visit:
Step 1: – The Ranch
Step 2: – The Harvest Unit
Step 3: – The Processing Plant
Step 4: Our Beef!

Every part of our “pasture-to-plate” process is open, from the ranch to Ranch Foods Direct, you are welcome to visit anytime.

Callicrate Beef is “Real Meat”! Click here for Cost & Quality comparison.