The Benefits

Cowpool’s™ main objective is to connect the consumer, as directly and as efficiently as possible, with the very best caretakers of land and livestock – family farmers and ranchers. Not only will you be buying higher quality beef than what is available in a grocery store, but you will be helping family farmers and ranchers stay on the land.

Buying direct, in bulk, saves money, while supporting the rural communities that feed us. Buying beef direct helps build communities!

Ranch Foods Direct is unique in providing humane slaughter where the animals are raised. This eliminates transport of live animals, resulting in less stress for the animal and better quality meat.

Less weight is transported to market, reducing transportation costs over 30%. Only the carcass is transported to the processing plant, where it is further processed into retail cuts.

Slaughter waste is composted into valuable fertilizer at the farm and ranch, building healthier soils.

With the industrialization of our food supply, it has become increasingly difficult to know where our food comes from, how it is produced, or what is in it. Today, there is literally an agribusiness distribution and retail food monopoly controlling our food supply. It stands between family farmers and ranchers, and you, the eater, manipulating markets and extracting unfair profits, all while making us sick with their fake industrially produced foods.

With Cowpool™, you will be eating well while supporting the best stewards of our land and livestock and the communities they live in.