Why Cowpool?

Cowpool™ is a unique way to connect directly with the cattle producer – an affordable alternative to the industrially produced, Big Packer/Big Retailer meat. When you buy directly from the family farmer and rancher, you support a better quality of life for the livestock. You also support the best stewards of our lands and their ability to continue.

Cowpool™ Provides:

  • The highest quality, healthiest beef anywhere
  • The highest standards for humane treatment of animals
  • A living Income for farm and ranch families
  • Local jobs, economic benefits to local economies
  • A lighter carbon footprint – major reduction in feed and food-miles
  • A cost savings to you

Recommended Media:

  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma | A book Michael Pollan addresses what’s at stake in our eating choices for not only our own but for our children’s health, and the health of the environment that sustains life on earth.
  • FRESH | A documentary film featuring Michael Pollan, Will Allen and Joel Salatin.
  • Food Inc. | A documentary film by Robert Kenner lifts the veil on the highly mechanized underbelly of our nation’s food industry.
  • Raising Steaks | A book by Betty Fussell details the history of the American beef industry and evaluates the challenges that it faces today.
  • Fast Food Nation | A fictionalized flim based on Eric Schlosser’s bestselling nonfiction exposes the many truths behind fast food production and eating.
  • Raise Less Corn and More Hell | Mary Elizabeth Lease of Kansas, one of the nation’s first female attorneys, traveled to grange halls and urged the farmers to “raise less corn and more hell”.

Writer and Butcher, Adam Danforth wants to know more about Cowpool™. Mike Callicrate responds: Why Cowpool™?